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Located below are all of the documents needed in order to create your character, learn about various Orders throughout the lands, event pricing and expectations, and various other bits of information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us in a manner that is easiest for you.
Fallen Empires Rule Book and Info

The Rule Book is essential to understanding Fallen Empires, as well as for character creation. Specifics on everything from an explanation of larps to the fine details of casting a spell can be found here along with various other files of information.

Event Pricing & Bonus Info

Additional bonuses that are available for Fallen Empire members during and after creation, as well as event pricing can be found in the document below.

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Orders of Fallen Empires

Throughout the lands found in Fallen Empires there are groups that have gathered for a greater cause, that have joined together to reach an ultimate achievement, or even those that have come together in order to protect something that is very important to them and the lands. Information on Attuements and available Orders for players to work toward are available below.

Race Packets
Land Packets
Documents and Info
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