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Each character can take up to 4 actions between games (representing the roughly 4 weeks between games), this limitation is placed 1) to represent the free time each character may have during the month, and 2) it is a constraint on the plot team for the time taken to process the additional work and get the results put out on a whole. The following are the types of actions that can be taken and the requirements.

You must enter your full name in the name section. We have made an adjustment so that once you click submit you will receive an email confirming that we received your submission. If you do not receive the confirmation email then we did not receive your BGA and you will need to send it again. 

Any BGA submitted via any other means will not be accepted and will not be answered. This includes things sent in via email, facebook. Discord, or any other method. The only exception is if a plot member provides you direct instruction on an alternate submission method. 

Research- This action requires an actual question and must be noted which KA:Skill you are using to do said research as well as any specific location you are doing the work. Researching takes time therefore there is only so much you can look up at once. The Researcher Power allows 2 research questions to be asked for each action, these do not have to be on the same topic.


Training- Characters can spend their downtime learning skills that require an instructor from a prearranged teacher, an NPC often through Guilds and Orders.


Contact- Traveling to other locations to make contact with a characters Order/Attunement will take 1 action, this takes into account for travel as well as standard tasks a character would perform while reporting to a base for their group. This also will give the player access to potential plot info as it pertains to the organization.


Duty- If your character has a set role in the game, be it a noble title that requires your efforts and attention, holding a guild position or other important role in game, it takes time from your life to do so. This automatically uses up one of your BGA actions.


Legwork-- This action is for short travel to a specific location, that you have the means to travel to, for the purpose of info collection on said location or to meet with an NPC for the same reason. This action requires the following to be submitted (single sentence responses),

  • Location and how you are getting there,

  • What you are looking for or what the goal of going there is,

  • Specific location or NPC name if you know it that you are trying to meet or learn about.

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