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The Fallen Empires strives to bring Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and beyond a fantasy gaming realm to call home. When it comes to The Fallen Empires our focus is solely on you, our members. With over a century of combined Role Playing(RP) and Live-Action Role Playing (LARP) experience, the plot team has prepared an extraordinary world for experienced and new players alike. Our Player Representatives are available by email, Messenger, Discord, or even in 1v1/group meetings to make sure your voice is heard. Here at The Fallen Empires, our mission is to provide a stress free gaming experience that you will be able to enjoy event after event.

Latest News


10 days till our first live event in 18 months!!

We are busy on the staff side getting logistics and admin work done, while plot is busy...well plotting, and the PR team is working to be prepared to help everyone adjust to live games.

With that I wanted to announce the finalized 2021 staff. There have been changes from our 2019 and 2020 staff.

All of these lovely people help make the game function on a volunteer basis and are absolute rock stars.

Lets give everyone a warm welcome.

Head of Plot                                                               Head of Logistics                      Player and Community Representatives

Jason Myrick                                                                Adam Browning                          Nikki Lee Myrick

                                                                                                                                             Justin Morris

Plot Marshal                                                                                                                     LJ Graves

Michael Moore                                                            Logistics                                      Jax Saunders

Kevin Barretttt                                                             Evy Cowell                                   Earl Stevens

Jeffathon Jeffson                                                         Kari Junco                                    Heather Keene

Jerry Bogedain                                                                                                                  Morgan Robertson

                                                                                                                                            Evy Cowell

LEAD NPC / NPC CAMP MANAGER                                                                           

Kim Truong                                                                                                                       

Rules Marshal                                                           Weapon and Armor Safety Marshal

Dane Lyon                                                                   Dane Lyon

Derek Hurst

Zackery Herman

JD Everhart

Adam Browning



Until the next event begins!
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