2021 Bulk Pass Includes the following

  • Base Event Fees paid for all 2021 Events (July Faire day, 4 Full events)
  • 500 Crowns
  • 4 Favor or Immediate membership in an Order
  • Port Masters Pass- Can use the Wayfarers Guild services once each event at no cost.
  • Makers’ Sigil- This ability can be used 1/reset and will last for 1 hour or module. When activated the player can chose one of the following effects to gain for the duration.
    • Master's Staff
    • Major Elemental Brand Weapon
    • Major Armor of (Darkness, Evocation, Elusion, or Mind Shielding)
  • Guild Crafter's Commission- The guilds will craft a single item for you at a discount, they will craft the item at the Guild Cost instead of the normal Market Rate.
  • Loremaster’s Favor- You have a small bit of parchment that has been enchanted by a very skilled Loremaster. Once each month you can scribe a question upon it, and the answer will be scribed on the other side (Note this may take minutes to hours depending on the question and the marshal.)

2021 Bulk Buy